Marriage & Family Sunday Brochures

Know Yourself: How to Prepare for & Live Marriage Well (2017)

The Joy of Forgiveness (2016)

Why Marry in the Catholic Church? (2014)

Eat together, pray together, go to Mass together (2013)

Men, Husbands, Fathers...Called to be Heroes (2012)

What is Marriage? Why Do We Need It? (2011)

Grandparents, A Great Gift to Family Life (2010)

God, Marriage & the Eucharist: One and the Same Love (2009)

Humanae Vitae: A Letter About Life-Giving Love (2008)

The Vocation to Married Love and Children (2007)


Church Documents

Humanae Vitae (Of Human Life) - Pope Paul VI

Mulieris Dignitatem (On the Dignity and Vocation of Women) - Pope John Paul II

Letter to Women - Pope John Paul II

Letter to Bishops Concerning the Divorced and Remarried Members of the Faithful 

The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality

Vademecum for Confessors concerning aspects of Conjugal Life



Prayer for a Good Husband or Wife

Prayer for Engaged Couples



Australian Council of Natural Family Planning

Billings Ovulation Method

Chastity.com: The new Sexual Revolution

Fertility Aware

FertilityCare: A Unique, Natural, Medical Approach to your Fertility

For your Marriage. A Project of the United States Bishops

One More Soul: Love, Chastity, Marriage and Children


Podcasts & Videos 

Marriage (video)

Marriage vs Cohabitation (video)

Sexualisation of Girls (video)

Homosexuality (video)

Women Priests: Why Not? (video)


Life, Marriage and Family Centre Youtube Channel


In the News

Daily Marriage Tip

25 Jul 2017

“In our experience with Natural Family Planning, I can tell you that I feel so respected and well cared-for by my husband in a big way.” – Sarah, from NFP Couples’ Stories #NFPweek

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Daily Marriage Tip

24 Jul 2017

This week is Natural Family Planning Awareness Week. Not sure what NFP is? Already a pro? Either way, check out the NFP resources on the USCCB website and on For Your Marriage #NFPweek

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Daily Marriage Tip

23 Jul 2017

“The Spirit too comes to the aid of our weakness.” (Rom 8:26) When a difficult decision looms, e.g. discerning God’s plan for your family, ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. It can be as simple as praying, “Come, Holy Spirit!” #NFPweek

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Daily Marriage Tip

22 Jul 2017

(Reader’s Tip) In each challenging situation I strive to remember that this man [my husband] is God’s amazing gift to me, and that God trusts me to love him with the same love God has for us.

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Daily Marriage Tip

21 Jul 2017

Doing things together is good, but depending on your personality some spouses can feel smothered. Do you have enough alone time or personal hobbies to refresh your spirit and bring a renewed you and new ideas to your marriage?

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